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Collaborative Graphic Design for a Our Changing World

About II




multimedia art & design

From ceramics to graphic design, construction management to set planning

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CJ (she/they) drove out from New Jersey to Southern California in 2013 and couldn't feel more at home here in Long Beach. Being raised by a creative director and animator, CJ has a strong interest in the connection between art and architecture.

With an Associate's Degree of Science in Architecture, and soon to be Bachelor's Degree of Art in Design, CJ continues her studies with hopes of getting a running start into the world of design.


She aspires to give back to the community by integrating construction logics and infrastructure, architectural poetics, sustainability, and creative systems to fabricate thoughtful public and private architectural spaces and creative design for impoverished communities.


With a passion for graphic design, geometry, and balance, CJ's designs are characterized by a love of detail and synthesis. Able to glean ideas from a broad range of styles, she targets her designs to seamlessly align with each client and project.


Long Beach, CA

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